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Quartz Flooring

Quartz has quickly become a hot new trend in the world of commercial flooring. To get a better understanding as to why, let’s examine what quartz flooring is, the benefits of quartz flooring, and the two most popular quartz flooring applications in today’s commercial market.

What is Quartz Flooring?

Quartz flooring is an all natural flooring solution comprised of a combination of quartz sand and calcium carbonate. As one of the naturally hardest materials on Earth, Quartz is a perfect flooring solution for commercial spaces that receive heavy amounts of foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

The Benefits of Quartz Flooring?

Before shopping around for any flooring solution, it is imperative that you know exactly what to expect in terms of benefits from the option you select. The benefits of quartz flooring are as follows:

  • Permanent, attractive multi-colored designs
  • Doesn’t require sealing
  • Customizable to match any setting
  • Extremely Durable
  • Sustainable
  • More cost-effective than terrazzo or other similar products


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  • Integral wall base or curb type options
  • Slip-resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low to borderline zero maintenance

Quartz Flooring Applications

Epoxy Quartz Flooring

As an epoxy, quartz flooring is typically applied to concrete flooring to enhance resilience and aesthetic appeal. The strong and durable nature of the system makes it a desirable option for many commercial and industrial applications, ranging from manufacturing facilities and hangars to kitchens and garages. Once properly installed, epoxy quartz flooring is strong enough to withstand some of the most demanding of conditions while also denying the penetration of dirt, liquid, or any other type of contaminate that could potentially damage or completely ruin the subfloor.

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